It’s been a long long time, hasn’t it?


I honestly never thought that getting pregnant would affect my routine, my work, interests, and life in general that much! Which is actually what gave me the idea for this very post. I thought I should share what I was expecting and what I got instead just to prove the old Greek saying that goes like this: “When you make plans, God laughs”.


Enjoy ^^



PRE-pregnancy thoughts:


Once I get passed my first trimester and it is safe to travel, my bump and I will explore at least 3 European destinations and 5 Greek towns. I will take tons of new pictures and my Instagram page will explode! I will have enough stock pics to last me for the rest of the year. I will also document the whole pregnancy and say my thoughts and everything in a nice video that I will share with my followers after the delivery. I will have so many things to say and so much inspiration that my blog’s numbers will skyrocket! It will probably be my most productive time.
Plus I will hire a personal trainer and do some Pilates for preggos. My sex life won’t be affected and I won’t be that preggo who just wants to sleep all day long. I won’t gain much weight and won’t be that girl who eats calories as if she hasn’t seen food before in her life. Nah-uh.

Basically, I don’t understand why so many women nag all the time. They are just pregnant. Almost every woman on this planet gets pregnant, it’s not a big deal, and it’s just how nature works.


Nice thinking huh? Too bad that absolutely nothing went as planned!





My all-day-morning sickness lasted for over 3 months followed by 2 months of exhausting migraines and a special cortisone diet that allowed me to visit only a nearby town for a weekend! Who has the will to travel anyway when they feel like sh*t? Not me.

On the few days I felt healthy and strong, the only thing I wanted to do was enjoy a nice walk with my hubby and dog, eat at a restaurant, roll around my bed, go shopping or catch up at errands! Just.. Be normal and enjoy it while it lasts.
Obviously, putting on make up and getting ready for a photo-shoot was not my priority so my Instagram mainly consisted of throwbacks and just a few new bump pics. Go check ‘em out!


I must say though that my followers are amazing because I created some stories explaining what I was going through and not only did they stay and support me with kind words and messages, but they also steadily grew day by day. You guys are the best. Thank you!


Blog-wise? Oh that’s the worst! Staring at a screen is the worst thing you can do because it triggers migraines severely! So because of that, my blogging productivity reached a bottom low. Plus, you can’t be inspired when a badass headache is having a heavy metal party inside your brain. Nope, nah, nay!


As for my will to start working out? That flew out the window long ago! Haha! I’m sorry beach body, I can’t stress over you, I have a baby growing inside of me.


The only thought that actually came true was the fact that I didn’t become that pregnant girl that eats whatever she wants. But I’m jealous of that girl. Because I would love to eat ice cream and a decent burger here and there. I would love to eat pasta with extra cheese, just the way I like it! And from time to time, I would love to treat myself to an Oreo + milk breakfast. But I can’t! Due to my medication I am not allowed any sugar or salt and that means you can immediately exclude 95% of the products that come out of a can, box or bottle. You would never guess how many types of foods have salt or sugar in them! Just start reading the back of each package as an experiment and you’ll see. So if you are that girl, know that you are my idol.





At month 6 I believe I’ve been taught my lesson and I have 2 things to say.

First of all, pregnancy IS a big deal and something special. I now have great respect for all mothers out there that went through it. No matter how easy or hard you have or had it, the truth is that you are a miracle. You create LIFE through your body and no matter how often it happens it is worth all the compliments and congratulations. Your body tears apart, you might struggle both physically and mentally and us women are the only people who can actually create a human, something that makes us special by definition.


Secondly, ladies, do not make any plans. Take each day as it comes and allow yourself to enjoy it when you can. Treat yourself to an ice cream and do not stress over calories. Do not let people (like me a few months back) dictate how you should look, dress or behave. If they haven’t been in your shoes, they won’t get you anyway! Take it from me that I wish I could turn back time just to tell myself to stop thinking lame thoughts!


The reality is, every pregnancy is different, every body is different and every woman copes with it in her own unique way. Don’t try to patronize it! Let it flow.




  • Crystal says:

    Love this! Also have a post similar and can totally relate. The part about not planning anything and enjoying each day as it comes is great advice. Thank you!

  • Kasia says:

    Girl, you say it like it is. And I love that. Having not been pregnant before there’s so many expectations that are in your head and in reality you just don’t know how your body will react to it. So I wish you health in your last few months of pregnancy and take it easy girl. You’re doing something that’s really hard so be easy on yourself. Love!

  • ANITA ZYCH says:

    Wow, It is nice to go through your reflections but I become more and more scared to be a mother.

  • Truly, you will only know the exact situation and feeling when you wear someone’s shoes. Anyway, with your case, I think everyone had this changed of thoughts when they get pregnant. Their plans barely comes out as it were, usually it will always turned to a reality of a situation where most pregnant has to experience. I hope that you’re doing well and take care always.

  • Seanna says:

    This was so cute! I like all of your outfits, too; especially those florals on you 🙂
    I don’t have any kids yet, but I’m an infant educator by day. It’s a lot of practice, but reading up on the little realities of pregnancy is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  • Jennifer says:

    I definitely understand expectations vs. reality. Ha! But you look ADORABLE, so that’s a great thing. <3

  • Tahnee says:

    I feel this. I get very sick when im pregnant for the whole time usually. Calling it morning sickness is a joke 😂😂 so worth it though. When that little bundle is here all that stuff melts away xx

  • Ana Marcia says:

    As a woman’s body changes a lot during pregnancy, it makes them ugly for me. But I think you’re still beautiful 💕 I wish you much happiness with your baby😚

  • Martha says:

    When I first got pregnant, I was in for the shock of my life. I never thought things will change so drastically for me. I had so much on my plate – depression, weight gain, work pressure and so much more…Luckily, I had my hubby to help me through it. 🙂

  • Hello,
    I think for me the most annoying one is when people (especially women) tell me “omg you look like your ready to pop, you’re not going to make it to your due date” and I was in my lower end of my 3rd trimester.

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