On the southwest side of the Greek mainland and where the Ionian Sea meets the Mediterranean, one can find a dreamy Luxury Collection resort complex by the name of Costa Navarino.  The vision of Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos – a true Hellene – consists of the Romanos and the Westin resorts, several golf courts, a private beach area and many, many other amenities that put this property amongst the very best in Greece and quite possibly, Europe.


I’ve wanted to go there since its opened but managed to only recently, for my baby moon, and I couldn’t have picked a better time to do so.


Out of the 2 properties in the complex I picked the pricier Romanos instead of Westin, because of the sense of privacy it offered. The Westin is more child friendly and has the water slides and all, which makes it kind of noisier. So, for my last childless vacay… Romanos all the way.


Tip: If you stay at the Romanos, you can enjoy all the facilities of Westin but the same doesn’t go vice-versa! Win!!




The staff is absolutely amazing. So very polite and helpful, ready to satisfy all your wishes and make your stay as convenient and memorable as possible. From the buggy drivers, to the concierge service to the waiters, cleaning ladies, gardeners and of course the superb front desk staff, I just couldn’t find a flaw no matter how hard I tried. A truly professional staff that could easily give seminars to other hotels around the world. And imagine how hard it is to maintain that level of service when there are a couple of thousand employees there. Big congrats.




Oh boy… the facilities that exist on this property!! So many things to keep you occupied and entertained – for both adults and toddlers. A HUGE state-of-the-art Spa, several golf courts, lovely pools, plenty of tours to choose from, playgrounds, tennis courts, Ping-Pong tables, a basketball court, SUP, rock climbing, wall climbing, surfing, sailing, diving, Squash, go-karting and many other sports and activities I can’t even think of right now! Oh wait, add beach yoga, cooking classes, kayaking, kitesurfing and yachting – the list is endless. I believe you can stay there for a month and still do something different every day. How many resorts can offer that??





The breakfast buffet was absolutely amazing. They offer a great variety of international options, as well as local Greek delicacies! What surprised me the most was their cheese selection. It could satisfy even the pickiest eaters.


Inside the property you can find 13 restaurants and 3 pool bars serving all types of cuisines, my favorite being the Italian “Da Luigi”, the Lebanese “Nargile”, and the beach menu at “Barbouni”.


The only one I tried that frankly left me uninterested, was “Flame” the steakhouse. I found it overrated and even if the starters were great, the meat was not what I expected from what I’d heard given its (high) price. Yet the salad was probably one of the best I’ve ever tried and the lobster was simply delish!




I found every inch of the property oozing elegance. Especially the Romanos which had this very exquisite and luxurious vibe that reminded you of ancient Rome. I felt like Cleopatra visiting Caesar back in the day! Open air lobby, beautiful gardens, marble everywhere and mosaic designs in certain areas as well as beautiful Greek/Roman patterns all over the resort. Whoever did this managed to “marry” the Greek class with the Roman extravagance in the most attractive way. Pure bliss.




It goes without saying that this coastline is one of the most beautiful in our mainland. Right next to Voidokoilia, the private beach of Costa Navarino is very well organized with comfy sunbeds, umbrellas, changing rooms, toilets and a couple of lifeguards to make sure you are constantly safe! They serve well-prepared, delicious snacks and smoothies as well as alcoholic beverages that unfortunately I didn’t get to try due to my pregnancy! My husband did though and he said they were lovely.


The water is crystal clear, refreshing and deep – exactly the way I like it! There is a sense of serenity and blissfulness that can keep you there until sunset – especially if you have a good book handy!




Costa Navarino is located only 60 km away from the airport of Kalamata and the hotel can arrange transportation from there at your request.

There are so many attractions close by and places to escape the oasis and get back to reality for a while if needed!


i.e. Gialova, a nearby village offers great food options the best being “Elia” and “Spitikon” restaurants. There are little shops where you can buy traditional creations and on the road, self-made stands that sell local delicacies including the very famous “Koroneiko” olive oil! It’s mandatory to buy some – or at least a jar of olives.


The town of Pylos and the famous Voidokoilia beach are a must-see, so make sure you have a spare day or two to check them out since you are already there.





If I had to use just four words to describe my experience at Costa Navarino, they would be “The Epitome of Luxury”.  The most ideal place to enjoy a carefree baby moon, honeymoon or any type of moon! And no worries, there is also a helipad in case the baby decides to arriveearlier than expected (of course I checked, I’m a freak).


Costa Navarino stole my heart for real and I never received any payments for this post. On the contrary– I decided not to pitch whatsoever and it was worth every single penny spent. Highly recommended!



  • Kasia says:

    Oh my this place looks like a leap of luxury. I love the decor and how chill the vibe sounds there. And of course a beautiful beach and tasty food makes it that much better. So happy to hear you had a great babymoon. You so deserve it girl. Perhaps I’ll make it to this little gem one day. I need to visit Greece sometime.

  • ANITA says:

    This looks amazing. I became hungry when I saw your pics of food and hungry also for those views and beaches. I would love this experience for sure, especially when the stuff is nice, which really makes the place perfect.

  • Jennifer Prince says:

    Oh my goodness! That looks like such a lovely place. The beach looks amazing, and I am sure it was great to get away while pregnant – you look so adorable! And I love it when a place has a great breakfast.

  • Dwi says:

    Wow that’s so amazing holiday and sound comfortable there. The room and also the food. I wish one day I can get lost there

  • Tahnee says:

    What a treat!! Food looks incredible and I love how well catered for you we’re!! Sounds amazing plus you look sensational!! I looked like a troll through both of my pregnancies hahaha beautiful xxxx

  • Beautiful place and you shared good information about that place. Thank you so much for sharing fantastic photos and wonderful experience with us keep posting.

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