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  • Tahnee каже:

    I feel so much about this post. This is why I never wanted to ‘niche’ mysekfnto be honest. This has meant I can share pretty much what I want. It’s about what I want to write and not what I have to. It makes the journey so much better. I’m sorry pregnancy has been so difficult my sweet. I know how that feels! You can 100% incorporate your love of travel and your new baby. You can share child friendly places and great hotels. In excited to see how your travel style will change with motherhood! I agree though it has to be at your own pace xxx

  • Kasia каже:

    Girl I’m totally with you. And as Tahnee said it’s also why I didn’t pigeon hole myself into a ‘niche’ because I like writing about all sorts of topics. I live healthy living, food, fashion, beauty, travel and whatever else life throws at me. So write when you want, about what you want and yes don’t wait for it to many you loads of money. I’ve been doing my blog for a year and a half and I’ve made some money because of it when I got freelance writing gigs but I’ve made like $60 from affiliate marketing lol. So you blog can definitely lead to something great – just be realistic about it.

  • Alex R каже:

    A lot of truth in this post. Congrats on defining what is important to you and not blogging just for the sake of blogging.

  • Jennifer Prince каже:

    Yes to SO MUCH of this!!! I know people who will go away and spend literally of their time Instagramming and doing FB live, and if I do that it truly stresses me out. I want to be able to relax and enjoy my trip instead of feeling like I have to be on social all of the time. I want to EXPERIENCE things. Great thoughts!!

  • ANITA каже:

    I enjoyed reading your reflections. So honest. I feel that the more I am trying to work on my travel blog the less freedom I have. This distrurbs me the most.

  • Monika каже:

    Oh my god, I couldn’t agree more. I am not a travel blogger, but I’ve come around soooo many travel blogs and travel bloggers instagrams and I always feel like EVERYONE is a travel blogger these days! (and if not then food or fashion blogger ;)) I’ve also come across people on my travels who were so OBVIOUSLY taking photos for their blogs & instagrams and omg… it just felt so ridiculous!! Like that girl in Pompei – posing in high heels and skirt and doing a ridiculous pose. Where did the authenticity go?! And why the heck would you were HEELS in POMPEII!! So yes… I can’t of course speak for every travel blogger, and I know some whose travel adventures I actually love to follow… but they are usually those from the honest side.. their photos don’t look fake, posed and are imperfect. But they are real life…

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