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  • Kasia каже:

    Oh my this place looks like a leap of luxury. I love the decor and how chill the vibe sounds there. And of course a beautiful beach and tasty food makes it that much better. So happy to hear you had a great babymoon. You so deserve it girl. Perhaps I’ll make it to this little gem one day. I need to visit Greece sometime.

  • ANITA каже:

    This looks amazing. I became hungry when I saw your pics of food and hungry also for those views and beaches. I would love this experience for sure, especially when the stuff is nice, which really makes the place perfect.

  • Jennifer Prince каже:

    Oh my goodness! That looks like such a lovely place. The beach looks amazing, and I am sure it was great to get away while pregnant – you look so adorable! And I love it when a place has a great breakfast.

  • Dwi каже:

    Wow that’s so amazing holiday and sound comfortable there. The room and also the food. I wish one day I can get lost there

  • Tahnee каже:

    What a treat!! Food looks incredible and I love how well catered for you we’re!! Sounds amazing plus you look sensational!! I looked like a troll through both of my pregnancies hahaha beautiful xxxx

  • Beautiful place and you shared good information about that place. Thank you so much for sharing fantastic photos and wonderful experience with us keep posting.

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